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Auto Detailing

Invest in reliable exterior protection for your vehicle. Speak to our team if you are wanting to get rust proofing done for your vehicle. We also carry Diamond Glaze to help you protect your vehicle paint.

Your vehicle deserves quality exterior protection


exterior protection.

  • Thin Film Polymer Coating, highly refined paint sealant

  • Never wax again, keeps new              car shine

  • Protect your ride from UV rays, acid rain, bugs, smog and other pollutants

Diamond Glaze

We carry clear bras and WeatherTech floor mats.


  • Gives Your Vehicle the best corrosion inhibitor available

  • Seals the metal and blocks oxygen, water, salt and other chemicals from touching the metal surfaces

  • Will not affect the appearance of your vehicle.

Benefits of Rust Proofing

  • Prevents damage/rust to Undercarriage

  • Sound Eliminator: reduces road noise and vibration

  • Makes washing off mud and dirt easier.

Benefits of Undercoating